What's going on here?

If you're at this page, you probably want either answers or my backstory. You're going to get both, so enjoy the ride.

Nob started during my Junior year at high school as a fun project to waste time in study hall. Inspired by one of my more artistic friends, I decided to start a comic. The comic hit a snag when I realized I couldn't draw people. I tried drawing other things until I realized that I was lazy. You can't get much lazier than Nob. He's four circles and a half-circle messy ellipsoid.

Originally the comic was to star Nob alone, with a narrator to pontificate on Nob's silliness. I shortly figured out that one character does not a comic make. Enter Smick. Smick joined the comic to go on adventures with Nob, and to be the serious foil for Nob's insane, inane silliness. There was another character before Smick. It was the evil Salt Miser, who doesn't appear in this online comic. The Salt Miser was the "bad guy" much like Lord High Chief and Symond are the "bad guys". The Salt Miser eventually aquired and assistant who was called the Fruit Juicer. They displayed their evilness by laughing maniacally after everything they said.

Nob continued as a gag comic, see the retro Nob's for examples, through the rest of high school. Occasionally a Nob comic would appear as a project, but usually I did them for fun. Then I graduated and Nob and stories I wrote began competing for my limited free time. Enter my good friend JOBS of the Chi Wan Chiki Dojo. He tells me that he's creating a webcomic. Shortly thereafter I look into it, and decide that I want to put Nob on the web. A few months later, I signed up with Keenspace and started comicking.

Now to the answer the questions about the jump away from MS paint. At the beginning, all I had was MS paint. I was terribly lazy with Nob only putting up a daily comic. Soon after, I began looking at the designs of other webcomics and decided I needed an news post. The comic calendar and the decent navigation bar followed. Then, approximately a month and a half ago, I began looking into image software of better quality than MS Paint. I found GIMP 2.0 a free, or as free as programs get these days, image manipulation software. I downloaded it and began making Nob comics with it. On September 18, 2004 you can see the first results of my experiments.

Nob the Blob is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.