Nob is a usually cheerful, if a tad silly, blob. As an amorphus solid Nob often changes his shape, but his color is usually constant. Nob's shape of choice is generally as random as his personality.
Smick is, to pardon the pun, a 'straight man'. Living in an almost constant state of unease Smick nervously
awaits Nob's next plan to keep their lives from becoming boring. Smick's worrying tendencies do subside,
but only after Nob's schemes have exhausted their dangerous potential in humorous ways.
Dual, Duel, however you spell its name is an accurate discription of its personality. Both contradictory
and combative Dual(or Duel) can be counted upon for a steady stream of obnoxiusly absurd insults.
Maku Yan has a past shrouded in mystery, filled with tales of ancient battles and relics. Okay he really
doesn't. Mainly he steals stuff, especially if he thinks it's magical. He also always talks in third person.
The leader of a nameless sect of blue robed wizard's, Lord High Chief is stereotypically greedy,
power-hungry, and somewhat inept. He expects everyone to follow his orders, regardless if they work for him or not. He is the only wizard who talks in red, and has a black hook topping off his staff.
Symond is Lord High Chief's lieutenant. Reasonably bright when he is in full command of his faculties,
he prefers giving ballet lessons to scheming or magical combat. Symond's red headed staff sets him apart from the lesser wizards.

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